The world's highest quality and rich mineral content salt.


CİHANBEYLİ Madencilik Tuz Nakliyat Kimya San. Tic. A.Ş. established with a strong partnership to produce 100% natural raw salt production. Our vision, our technology and our investments in Turkey with continuously renewed facilities, we are one of the leading companies in the world. Food salt, pool salt, road cleaning salt, drilling additive, animal feed salt and industrial salt production to serve the needs of the industrial sector.

At the facilities located in Yavşan Saltern of Tuz Lake, which is the second biggest salt source in the world, with an area of 1500 km2. In this place has World's highest quality and richest mineral salt has been producing for over 1,000 years. Tuz Lake, which is among the most salty lakes in the world, has a salt content of 32.4% and a water density of 1-22.5 cm3 / gr.

Thanks to our modern production methods, our capacity has reached 1.500.000 tons annually. Our company, which exports to Russia, Europe and the Middle East and has a steady upward trend, has so far invested around $ 100,000,000.

Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision

By using the all up-to-date technology and innovation in the market, we strive to provide quality comfort to many more manufacturers worldwide. We evaluate our success with the satisfaction of our customers and act with the goal of keeping this satisfaction at the highest level..

Our mission

In order to take good quality salt to the world, we are moving with awareness and responsibility of our duty. We contribute greatly to local employment and support the development of the industry with our quality.

Our values

  • To be innovative
  • To be forward-looking
  • To be focused on customer and quality
  • To be reliable and honest
  • Caring for people and their health
  • Respect for and protect nature